• Publication update

    The list of publications has been updated.

  • Moved back to Germany

    As you can see from my updated contact data, I have moved back to Cologne, Germany, from the UC Berkeley.

  • Completed porting old website

    The content from the old web site has now been completely transferred. There is a page of talks and conferences, and all the other pages are up to date.

  • People page and updates

    The teaching page is now filled with content, and the research page is updated. Moreover, there is now a people page.

  • About page updated

    I am beginning to fill this page with life. The about page now has some CV content and contact data. The research page has some better formatting and MathJax integration. Most importantly, deployment on GitHub is actually working.

  • New website

    So this is my website, hosted on GitHub. At this point, it is rather rudimentary, and doesn’t contain too much content beyond my bibliography. I love how Jekyll/Liquid does the formatting automatically, though. Living in the future rocks, as a wise man has said.

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